Processed Foods

In-house Processed Foods

We carry Gyoza, Mandarin Orange Chicken, and Karaage Chicken manufactured under strict quality management at our own processing facility in the U.S. We accommodate a variety of food services including Japanese restaurants, revolving sushi bars, izakaya restaurants, fast foods, and ramen restaurants.

  • Day-Lee Pride
  • Crazy Cuizine

Chashu Pork

We offer chashu pork carefully manufactured by our group company from select raw materials with flavors suited for a variety of dishes, perfect for the increasingly popular ramen noodle soup.

Redondo's Products

We carry Redondo's premium sausages manufactured in Hawaii. With processing know-how provided by NH Foods, we are now able to offer Japanese style sausages here in the U.S. Enjoy the juicy crispness of arabiki (coarse ground) sausages.

  • Day-Lee Pride