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Japan's finest beef imported directly from its homeland. We proudly offer safe and flavorful Wagyu beef that Japan boasts to the world for our customers in the U.S.


Angus Beef

USDA Certified Black Angus Beef. Day-Lee Foods proudly offers Creekstone Farms' Premium Black Angus Beef. A well-marbled, tender beef produced from cattle raised on corn-based feeds.

Angus Beef

U.S. Beef

USDA Prime and Choice grade American Beef. Flavorful, juicy, and tender beef with moderate marbling produced from grain-fed cattles. Day-Lee Foods provides a wide variety of cuts to meet customers' demands.

U.S. Beef


We also offer:

  • Australian grass-fed beef produced in an environment blessed by Mother Nature
  • Variety meats such as beef tongue, skirt steak, and beef tripe which are very popular for Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ)
  • Easy-to-cook slices and portion cuts of beef
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