We are Day-Lee Foods, Inc.

Specializing in premium foods with a purpose –

To deliver the joy of eating.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of NH Foods Group, Japan. Founded in 1942, NH Foods has grown to be a world leader in delivering a wide variety of specialties, including processed Foods, fresh meats, ham, sausages, seafood, and dairy products.

Day-Lee Foods, Inc. at a glance

From our Southern California factory, along with our national and international distribution, we are leading the way with premium quality production of our popular processed food retail brands, co-packing and food service.

Processed Foods

Day-Lee Foods, Inc., manufactures premium quality Asian inspired entrées, single serve, and appetizer products, including two national retail brands – Crazy Cuizine and Day-Lee Pride.  We also provide co-packing and produce private label products at our Southern California facility.

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