What the NH Foods Group Aims for

Becoming the World Leader in Delivering the "Joy of Eating"

Beginning with the manufacture of hams and sausages, we at the NH Foods Group have extended our business activities to all areas of the food industry, including fresh meats, processed foods, marine products, dairy products, natural flavorings, and health foods.

We move ahead as a fully united group under The Group Brand and deliver the "Joy of Eating" with the greatest of care to become a company that is trusted and chosen by people worldwide.

The Joy of Eating-Nationwide and Around the World

Outside Japan, the NH Foods Group maintains operations in about 90 locations in 19 countries and regions.※Our international food operations encompass such diverse businesses as fresh meat, marine products, and vegetables. We leverage rigorous quality control practices in processing and supplying our products in Japan and around the globe.

※on consolidated basis as of April 2018